That’s the ticket!

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  1. Alan Eastty:

    Ref “that’s the ticket” it apparently dates from the early 18th century (April 1717) – see page 34 of “Some Account of the Parish of Saint Clement Danes Past and Present” by John Diprose – 1868

  2. Vincent Belli:

    I’m sure Lovitz didn’t know all that but I bet he DID see African Queen and Boogie says it to Katherine exactly like Lovitz says it on SNL

  3. LL Davis:

    I read this somewhere a dozen years ago but remember it being explained as originally being “That’s etiquette” in England but was transformed into “That’s the ticket” by use of the lower classes, especially those with the Cockney accent. I thought that made great logic.

  4. Carol Ann:

    I recall one of the Three Stooges using that line as well. In fact I can see his face, but can’t remember which one. Jon Lovitz probably first heard the phrase in that context.

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