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Note: The Word Detective has suspended regular monthly publication on the web and via email due to the reasons originally explained in this post. But while we’re not accepting subscriptions, please read on for why we still need your support.


For more than 20 years (!), The Word Detective has been a free online resource for writers, etymology buffs, language fans and literally millions of curious visitors. Now we’re facing a serious crisis and we need your help, to both keep TWD online and to keep the feline horde in mass quantities of basic food–and a staggering 200 lb. of kitty litter a month–not to mention (especially to the cats) visits to the vet.

Unfortunately, The Word Detective’s small ad revenue doesn’t even cover the site’s monthly hosting fees, let alone cat food and utility bills.

So if you enjoy browsing the more than 1,500 columns on this site, or you have word and phrase questions you’d like answered, please contribute to The Word Detective if you can. Even just $5 makes a real difference.

(Note:  Any PayPal buttons or links you click on elsewhere on the site will result in a refund of your contribution, since they link to the old Paypal account. Please follow the instructions below instead. Thank you!)


What-the-Heck One-time Contribution (of any amount).

To send a single donation of your own choosing, just log in at, click on the “send” button on the right, and in the “send to” field, type or copy/paste: Follow the next steps to make a contribution. This is the simplest way to send any donation amount.


You can also contribute by check made out to Kathy Wollard (not to “The Word Detective”), sent to

P.O. Box 1, Millersport, Ohio 43046.



Thank you for your patience and support.


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  1. Karen Werzun:

    I promise to enter a paid subscription as soon as my employer begins paying my retirement benefits. I retired on April 8/14 and I still have not received either my severance or pension money. Of course, I did work for the Feds so I am not surprised by the pokiness of their systems.

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