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Note: The Word Detective has suspended publication both on the web and via email due to the reasons explained in this post.

For more than 20 years (!), The Word Detective has been a free online resource for writers, etymology buffs, language fans and literally millions of curious visitors. Now we’re facing a very serious crisis and we need your help to keep TWD online (and to keep the lights on and food in the fridge). Please contribute to The Word Detective if you can. Even just $5 per month makes a real difference.

This was originally the Word Detective email subscription page. All the PayPal links on this page still work to contribute to the site’s upkeep and my medical bills. You just won’t be receiving TWD by email. I haven’t had time to recode all the PayPal links below to say “Contribute” rather than “Subscribe,” but they are purely for the purpose of donation.


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To send a single donation of your own choosing, just log into the “send money” page at, fill in an amount to send, and send it to I will continue to fiddle with this, but, for now, this is the simplest way to send a specific amount.


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