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In other words, we cannot answer questions via individual return e-mail, and if you are relying on a quick answer to complete that term paper due Monday, you’re barking up the wrong web site.

The good news is that if your question is used in a column, we will e-mail the column to you when it is distributed to newspapers (assuming that you have provided a valid e-mail address, of course).

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Privacy Policy: The Word Detective will never sell, use or distribute your e-mail address or other personal information. If we use your question in a column, your e-mail address will not be included in the column. If you wish to have your name kept confidential as well, please let us know when you submit your question.

If you are sending us a comment on a column published on this site, please consider adding it as a comment to the column itself. That way, other readers will be able to read it too. You don’t have to be registered to leave a comment, although I do have to approve all comments, so your comment may not appear for a day or so. I approve just about anything that isn’t obviously spam.

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