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Evan Morris



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  1. yvette jurado:

    I’m a server. For years the term ” in the weeds ” has been used in this field of work. It means that your so busy its hard to catch up. I’m so busy I’m in the weeds.

  2. Mike:

    And here I always thought cool beans was in reference to Jack and the Beanstalk. Had no idea it was such a complicated phrase.

  3. Joanne Flanagan:

    Husband and I were discussing the word STUB, for stubbed my toe, so wanted to make the comment that the only other thing I could think of was that after amputations, one has a STUB. So of course means the same thing as a what is left over after sharpening a pencil to the end, but every new definition article that came up said the same thing with pencil or object after having been shortened, I just wanted to say as far as stubbing your toe or whacking hitting bonking a knee elbow or shin is described, amputating a bodily limb leaving a stub may in some way correlate easier to some????
    Apologies for probably not relaying comment in correct place however I am legally blind and not very computer literate and got displaced to areas that would not allow me to comment so when finally showed this box, I did right here. Thank You for reading

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