An update from The Word Detective

Contributions via any of the PayPal links on that page will be gratefully accepted; the easiest option is the “One-time Contribution” link on the page, which lets you fill in any amount, and you can also designate that amount as a continuing monthly donation. The “Awesome Sustainer Subscription” option a bit above it on the page automatically sends $5 per month via PayPal, and the “Super-Awesome Sustainer Subscription” sends $10 per month. Sustaining monthly contributions of any amount make an enormous difference, and many thanks to readers for continuing theirs. But whatever you can afford will be deeply appreciated. And if PayPal isn’t your cup of tea, checks can be sent to Evan Morris, PO Box 1, Millersport, OH 43046. Please make checks payable to Evan Morris. (Not to “The Word Detective.” My bank lacks imagination.)

(I should emphasize again, however, that the Word Detective mailing list is a dead parrot, not even pining for the fjords; thus you will not receive any Word Detective columns by email.)

Of course, there are, as I mentioned in my note in February, more than 1,500 full-text columns available for free on, which should keep any sane person busy for a year or two. I’m also going to be tweeting links to favorite columns from the past (which may be new to you) on the @word_detective Twitter account.

Again, thank you for your continuing support, your good wishes, and just for continuing to read and enjoy the site.

Evan Morris

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