Slough of despond

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  1. Sean Bentley:

    I visited Bunyan’s hometown of Elstow, Bedfordshire…. it’s speculated that the “slough” was based on the wetland and stream near the abbey where he preached.

  2. Dave Khan:

    The rhymes-with-cow pronunciation of slough as given in the OED is standard for England/Britain (and perhaps New England), but for most of us in the U.S. it’s generally pronounced as “slew”.

  3. Peter:

    Slough and slough
    The pronunciation of this word always causes confusion. It is both a place name and a verb. The place Slough is pronounced rhyming with cow, but the verb to slough ( as in shed – a snake sloughing its skin) is pronounced rhyming with “tough” in England.

  4. Joyce Melton:

    I was going to say what Dave Khan has already said but instead I will add something else: in Arkansas, one word for what might be called a slough elsewhere is “loblolly,” presumably from the loblolly pines that often grow in such places.

  5. Jessi:

    Thank you to the last commenter for bring up the us pronounciation. I was sitting here wondering if i had been pronouncing that word wrong for thr past 20 years.

  6. robert McCoy:

    I have just read the item on SLOUGH and indeed , I live in South London where on old maps of ForetHill an area was called
    Perry Slough with an alternate spelling of slow. Formerly an unhealthy area it seems.

  7. Anonymous:

    Very interesting

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