Devilled (food)

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  1. Jennifer:

    What about devils food cake?

  2. Victoria Ayers:

    Devil’s food is the “opposite” of angel food, a light colored, airy cake. It is dark, and in fact, most recipes use cocoa powder rather than chocolate. When cocoa powder is mixed with an acid such as buttermilk, it turns reddish, just the color the devil might prefer in his desserts!

  3. Dave:

    Regarding the alternative names for devilled eggs – I’ve never heard them, although the way most people make them the names would be appropriate.

    I have always gone with the definition you used concerning spiciness – (to my aunt at some early age) “These aren’t devilled – they’re just lightly imped!” and my advisory about my own “I use real devil in them!”

  4. Joanie Maupin:

    I live in the South (NE Tennessee) and we don’t know nuthin bout no stuffed aigs. They’re always devilled.

  5. Patty Pickard:

    Actually, any non-dessert food MUST include vinegar to truly deserve the name deviled. In the south eggs made without vinegar were given the name: STUFFED ANGEL EGGS. Ham spread without vinegar was called: HEAVENLY HAM SANDWICH SPREAD. The amount of vinegar should be added in very small amounts and increased according to taste. I like just a small kick of the taste bud. So be sure to sample in between adding extra vinegar. Be sure to mix very well each time you add more. The tasting is my favorite part. If you’re like me, I like to over stuff my eggs. So when you get ready to boil your eggs

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