December 2014

Onward. CatCat abides, and is getting better at this “cat” thing. She still has problems lip-syncing her meows, which is a bit unsettling. She opens her mouth and there’s a half-second of no noise, then a weirdly loud mechanical maowrr that kinda sounds feline. Oh well, baby steps, baby steps. My current theory is that she’s from the North Pole.

So here we are at year’s end, and all of us here at Word Detective World Headquarters wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

And now, on with the show….

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  1. Russell Lange:

    Just discovered this excellent web-site after it was mention by Dr Susie Dent on Channel 4’s UK ‘Countdown’ programme.

    The creepiness of ‘The Polar Express’ is probably due to ‘The Uncanny Valley’. Wikipedia’s description of this at specifically mentions ‘The Polar Express’.

  2. admin:

    That’s exactly the problem. I was so repelled by the “motion-capture animation” that I kept wanting to leave the room. It reminded me of the old Max Headroom, and that was supposed to be disturbing.

  3. admin:

    The Newsday review pasted here (scroll down past the Times review):

    is perfect.

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