Pound sand

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  1. Larry Israel:

    When I was in high school we had foundry for one of our shop classes. We put the pattern in a box and surrounded it with moist sand. We then pounded the sand to get it to match the pattern.

    Unfortunately we were not allowed to do the casting. The teacher did that only for the best students. So I guess that when I pounded sand I was really pounding sand.

  2. Fred:

    I think its possibly a military slang term realted to “ground pounders” or the infantry. to pound sand would be to double time march on a beach or desert, something which would be very tiring.
    One might say, “Hey come on lend me twenty bucks so I can get some beer” Not wanting to drink may be answered “you can go pound sand”

  3. William F Mitchell:

    “He doesn’t have enough sense to pour sand in a rathole,” is an old Southern expression.

    Someone is just conflating that expression with “Go pound sand” in the example you found.

  4. Anonymous:

    FYI, the first sentence of “What, No Butler?’ By Damon Runyon contains the phrase “to pound sand in a rathole”, published 1938.

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