Hunker Down

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  1. Dvora Fairfield:

    Thanks for the info with great humor. We are in Jax, FL beginning to feel the effects of IRMA. We are hearing this advice ad nauseum to those who have not evacuated,to “hunker down”. My son said, “I hate that term!”. So I wondered where it came from and found your site and answer. Thanx again and keep ’em comin’. ?????

  2. Joe Bertalan:

    A fit term for the country, world in 2020 as we practice social distancing or hunker down. Thanks.

  3. C Johnston:

    Always considered hunkered down to mean staying put for some reason. Let’s say on a yacht during a storm, hunkered down in the cabin below deck. The definition can extend to extreme focus on a specific objective in a specific locaton as in, he hunkered down in his study until completing the anxiously awaited report.

  4. Ruth Warren:

    Sounds good to me, so now, instead of being hunkered down, I am going to arise and get something to eat.

  5. Linda Wiggins:

    In honor of the sequestration caused by Covid 19 virus I wrote a song:

    HUNKER DOWN (by Linda Wiggins 2020)

    Hunker down….. sorry for the scientific jargon.
    Hunker down….. I’m not driving, now gas is a bargain.
    Hunker down…..There’s time enough for procrastinators.
    Hunker down…….I think there’s still some cheese in the refrigerator!

    BRIDGE It’s strange to be exasperated by so much spare time.
    No schedule, no game plan…am I still in my prime?

    Hunker down……I’ve got time to read Mark Twain & Voltaire
    Hunker down ……some days it’s pathetic, I don’t even brush my hair.
    Hunker down…….I’ll have to play charades by myself
    Hunker down…….It’s all in the name of public health.

  6. Danny:

    Yeah, it’s still used widely in central Scotland where I come from. Heard an American use it on tv, thought I’d search the origin. Yes, lots of hiking words still used in Scotland; i.e., “haus” for “house”.

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