Soporific / Annihilate

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  1. Steve Dunham:

    “Soporific” has also been applied to lettuces, by Beatrix Potter in the Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies.

  2. J. Pastor:

    Evan, you should take a Zyrtec and rent the first season of The West Wing. Aside from having been one of the best dramatic series ever aired, it provided those of us who found Dubya unacceptable as our leader an alternative during the dismal years of his presidency.

    It also had humorous elements that didn’t insult one’s intelligence or require a laugh track to identify points at which to laugh — often in the same episodes as the most compelling drama.

  3. admin:

    Yes, I know that there are many people I like and millions I would like who liked The West Wing. I also know that it was an island of plausible adult drama in an age of violent drivel. And I have always really liked Martin Sheen. I just have an aversion to Aaron Sorkin’s writing, the walking-and-talking bits, the snappy dialogue (almost Gilmore Girls level).

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