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  1. Andrew Melanson:

    Hi, in relation to the Feudal system, I am asking about the word “field”. Although there are direct links to its etymology on other sites, my line of questioning is – could it have come from a contraction of two words (i.e.) “fief hold”? I thought of that the other day when reviewing my mortgage. The phrase freehold keeps coming up, and I wondered if “field” would be a contraction of “fief hold”; a parcel of land given within a fiefdom?

  2. Dan:

    Thank you for this site! I’m a translator (from/to English and Portuguese) and I find myself constantly finding superb explanations on words here whenever I just google something.

  3. Michael Cenkner:

    Thanks, very nice discussion.
    Recently reencountered the word ‘feudalism’ in a Chinese-language blog (manSu zhongwen).
    The word (fengJian) was used in Chinese Marxist discourse.
    ‘Feng’ is a seal or title. ‘Jian’ is ‘establish.’ So the translation is like, ‘entitlement establishment (system).’
    Meaning, priveleges based on… position.
    A system still with us to some extent….

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