January 2014

Onward. I’ve been hearing for years that HBO’s The Wire is the best TV show ever made, so I’ve been watching that in small bits here and there. I think they may be right; it is an amazingly well-made show. The second season in particular is a slam-dunk masterpiece. And there’s always Omar. Omar is awesome. I hadn’t realized that Richard Price, one of my favorite novelists (his excellent Clockers was made into a so-so film by Spike Lee), was an advisor/contributor to the show (he actually appears early on in a scene set in a prison library). At the rate I’m watching it, the five seasons may take me ten years, but that’s OK. It beats watching TV.

I imagine that it sounds as if we watch a lot of TV, but we actually log way less than the national average. Name your favorite show and I can practically guarantee I’ve never heard of it. And I like it that way, dagnabbit.

Bookly-speaking, I finished Pynchon’s latest, Bleeding Edge. and I would give it three Mehs on a scale of five. Some nice bits but it never reaches escape velocity. I’m starting to think that his future reputation will rest entirely on Gravity’s Rainbow, a definite outlier in his oeuvre. Hey, outlier and oeuvre in the same clause. Not bad for someone surrounded by frozen soybean fields as far as the eye can see. Anyway, at the moment I’m reading some John LeCarre. I don’t remember the title. Good books with forgettable titles.

So here’s January. Please consider subscribing or otherwise contributing to our survival. And now, on with the show….

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  1. Scott Green:

    Glad to see you back, Detective. I was beginning to think you’d succumbed to the elements, or maybe won the lottery and escaped to the Bahamas.

  2. John Burgess:

    Gravity’s Rainbow an outlier? Not when set next to V., it isn’t! The two go very well together, though the comedy level is somewhat higher in GR and the tragedy level higher in V.

  3. Donald Fisher:

    Looking for good characters? They come by the shoveful in Justified on Fx. Based on situations and characters created by Elmore Leonard, they seem to me to match his narrative pace and wit very well. The 5th season is running now but I would start with season 1 and work my forward.

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