October 2013

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  1. Pam Munzer:

    Dear Mr Detective,
    I have sent a few extra $$, and just wanted to also give as much encouragement as I can to your efforts to push back the MS. I know that it is an awful affliction, and that stress is to be avoided…yeah, right. I would like to help with some of your other concerns. I wrote a note on the PayPal contribution, but it cut off at the last partial sentence. I have mentioned before, when last subscribing, that we are cousins. My father was Robert Morris, the “black sheep” of the Morris clan, and I now live in Westminster, California. I last saw you at Uncle Bill’s 80th birthday celebration. My sister in law, Ann Munzer Bourne has lived in Old Greenwich for around 30 years.
    One of my dear friends has had MS for around 15 years. I know how hard it can be, and the treatment is not for the faint hearted, or those with limited means. Will you send me a note and tell me what would be helpful. Hate to think of you struggling with a burning match clenched in your fingers every day.
    Fond regards,
    Pam Morris Munzer

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