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  1. Nancy:

    “Ginch” is Canadian regional slang for “underwear,” probably from Ukrainian “gatky” (or “gatsi”). There’s a Canadian underwear company called Ginch Gonch:

  2. Donald K Cook:

    Way too much over-thinking goin’ on here! Edd Byrne’s original remarks callin’ the gals ‘Ginchy’ and ‘The Ginchiest’ always meant, the coolest, the hippest, the prettiest, the smartest, the most fun to be around and all the like, always meant to be clean, complimentary meanings in favor of the female, a hot rod, or any other fantastically cool thing or event!!
    What others chose to do with the words in the latter years like all American slang, is nothing anyone can ever predict.

  3. Rhet Lickliter:

    It def means cool, the coolest, hip, far out, the best, beautiful, sexy.

  4. Sean Duggan:

    FWIW, “ginchy” was also used by Mell, one of characters in Narbonic as seen in and other strips. She seems to use it in the “cool” sense.

  5. suspect:

    Guessing the 1970s meaning is from confusion with “gunshy.”

  6. Gokartmozart:

    As usual, I will defer to the vast genius of the Simpsons: “Do you, Jane Seymour, take this king to be your lawfully wedded husband till your first little spat?
    I do. I double do! Henry is the ginchiest!”

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