Until the pips squeak

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  1. Lyman:

    Hmmm… interesting. I approve of any reference to good ol’ Plum, but your explanation of “squeak” sounds a little squiffy to me.

    If you have ever squeezed a watermelon or lemon or apple seed between your fingers, in anticipation of shooting it at a chum, you will sometimes get a little squeak just before it shoots out and hopefully plugs your pal in the ear.

    Have a great Fall, and may your cows give sweet milk and your sheep avoid the staggers.

  2. Liam Wood:

    I can’t bear reading lengthy content, only because i have got a
    small amount of dislexia, but i actually loved this post.

  3. Old Lymie:

    Pips, as seeds, have a germinal element, much like testes. The phrase may likely be a mildly disguised version of “I’ll squeeze his b**** until he gives me what I want.” Plus, this meaning saves a lot of commentary.

  4. Dirk:

    This was a nice read, thanks!

  5. Bill D:

    Following the small dots definition, the small nubs on the face of a ping pong (table tennis) paddle are referred to as “pips”. The two types are pips up (nubs showing) and pips down (nubs covered by a smooth rubber surface).

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