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  1. Simon:

    Mmm one of those nightmares where hearing a word pronounced has escaped one’s education! I’m 53 and I just discovered this year that ague is pronounced in this way! I think as a child I must have read the word and wrongly assumed that it was pronounced to rhyme with plague, vague, Hague etc. French, German, Czech – all have their difficulties but the pronunciation is so much more predictable than English.

    Thank you for this thoughtful and interesting article.

  2. Gregory Harris:

    I pronounce “ague” as “AG-way” to rhyme with “segue” and “Hemingue.”

  3. M:

    A passing thought, pronounced as one syllable, wouldn’t it sound like the backhalf of ‘plague’?

  4. Heather Allan:

    I also thought it was pronounced to rhyme with vague, it was hearing someone say it probably for the first time and me quietly thinking that cannot be right, coupled with some googling that led me to this post.

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