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  1. Cathy:

    So maybe the modern version of “gone haywire” should be “gone duct tape”. Ha!

    I can see why most hay is baled with twine these days. Looks like hay wire wasn’t very reliable.

  2. Charlie Fox:

    In the latter half of the fifties I became quite well acquainted with baling wire both in baling hay and as a repair medium for broken equipment. Replacing the broken equipment with new didn’t last as long as wiring it back together. Baling wire (as I knew it) was virtually indispensable on a farm; without it things were likely to go haywire. Prudent farmers kept a stock of baling wire even if the hay was baled using bonding twine or using string to hold the round bales.

    Duct tape is wonderfully useful stuff but is not substitute for wire.

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