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  1. Sr. Wences:

    In another example of how people do things without knowing what they are doing, I have seen (and had to stop) girls on my lacrosse team (aged 9 & 10) from doing “bunny ears” behind each other’s head during our team photos.

    If they only knew…

  2. MarkB:

    In traditional usage, the husband generally does not know that he is being cuckolded – just as the birds don’t know that another species has laid its egg in their nest. This isn’t a defining rule, but if the husband knew, he would generally do something about it.

    If you do an internet search for contemporary use, you’ll find the opposite is true. That is, there is a genre of pornography that involves a husband watching his wife have sex with another man. Usually, the humiliation of the husband is the whole point of the exercise. Or so I’ve been told.

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