Out for a duck

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  1. Sean Duggan:

    On a side note, you mentioned the use of “goose egg” as “zero score” back in http://www.word-detective.com/072104.html where you were were addressing the phrase “to break one’s duck” with a side mention of “love” as a score in tennis possibly being a reference to “l’oeuf”, French for “the egg”.

  2. scott hall:

    I am the ignominious cricketer who suffered a ‘double duck’. Shown on the scorer’s sheet as a zero encircling a zero, it connotes that the batsman was out on the first ball with zero score. I managed to do this twice in a row and may be the only person in the world to claim a consecutive quadruple duck.
    I wonder what Christopher Robin would say about that?
    Probably, like me, something to do with Pooh.

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