January 2013 Issue

On the bright side, we have headlines such as this —  Windows 8 Killed My PC — to keep us warm and cozy with schadenfreude. Having played with this misbegotten system while killing time in Staples recently, I can believe every word of that article. I abandoned Windows back in 2005 or so in favor of Linux, but my experiences with Microsoft crap during the preceding twelve years left me with a visceral revulsion toward anything Redmond produces. I actually have a computer with a Windows 7 partition on it, but I’ve never been able to bear using Win 7 for more than about ten minutes at a time. It’s just too damn annoying. As for Windows 8, which is essentially a tablet OS, many folks predict that the whole touchscreen desktop shebang will fail because of “gorilla arm” syndrome, the fatigue and weird feeling that you get in your arms and hands after a while from reaching out to use a touchscreen that you’re not holding close to your body.

Personally, I’m still using Ubuntu 10.04, a three-year old version,  because every subsequent version of Ubuntu has been screwed up in very Microsoft ways, and the most attractive alternative, Linux Mint, is buggy and not really ready for primetime. Hey, this works, which is all I want.

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  1. Sean Duggan:

    I’m kind of with you on the direction of Ubuntu. They need to play to their strengths, not with Microsoft’s weaknesses. Fortunately, older versions are always available.

  2. Sr. Wences:

    Senor Word Detective,

    I am also a Ubuntu type of guy. I am running 12.10 on my personal machine, but I set up a laptop for my dad using Ubuntu 12.04 and using Gnome instead of Unity. It works well and I like having the latest updates on kernels and such. 12.04 is the last version to support Gnome out of the box.

    By the way, I am still digesting the “busman’s holiday” posting. Makes me want to start reading more Dickens.

    Pip-pip and all that rot!

    Sr. Wences

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