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  1. Larry Curtis:

    My parents opened “The Park Dinor” in June 1948, and it is still in operation. They had the diner built from scratch from a company in Patterson, New Jersey. The company has since went under. The diner is now in the National Registry of diners. I am very proud of the Dinor and the thought it has served the public so long.
    Larry Curtis.

  2. Worker 11811:


    “Diner” is too easily confused with misspelled “dinner.”

    It’s spelled with an “O” so that people know you spelled it that way on purpose.

  3. Bruce:

    Check out Rick Sebak’s 1993 PBS documentary “Pennsylvania Diners and Other Roadside Restaurants.” In the course of visiting diners all over the state, he goes to Erie (he’s based in Pittsburgh) and explores the mystery of why they call them “dinors” there. Seems basically someone just wanted something a little distinctive and it stuck. Very Pennsylvania-ish, if you ask me.

  4. Chuck Douville:

    thank you.That was quite interesting and informative!

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