Knit / Knot

Of course “knitting” with yarn is famous for its calming effects, so perhaps I just need to follow your wife’s example and knit a few mittens and scarves for the cats. But I’m still gonna keep my talking screwdrivers for company.

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  1. gregg:

    okay, sir word detective. i have a couple of things to say: 1) i love your site and come here now and then either to a) look up the origin of a word, or b) just for a good laugh. 2) i came to your site tonite to look up how the word ‘vacuum’ came into existence (that’s pretty meta, no?), but can’t find anything but this bit on knits and knots.

    so, any dirt on ‘vacuum’?

    thank you so much for your work. it is greatly appreciated by myself, and i’m sure so many more.

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