None of this, of course, really answers the question the goats are probably asking themselves, “Why a goat?” Well, they are funny-looking, and, for most people, goats tend to rank low on the Cuddle Scale of Animal Cuteness. I actually think goats are awesome, but whatever. Then there’s that “Hey it’s Tuesday, let’s sacrifice a goat” thing in several major world religions. And the ancient drawings of Satan with a goat’s head — not good. But maybe “goat” as slang for “loser” or “object of ridicule” ultimately goes back to the “scapegoat” scampering off into the woods. Nothing says “loser” like having the sins of the entire world pinned to your tail.

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  1. Ross Presser:

    In 1856, we have this song:

    Two bits for a shot just like that, Maggie;
    It burns out the lining of your throat;
    It makes you as loony as a bat, Maggie;
    It’s enough to get your goat.
    But when it’s all that you can get, Maggie,
    How’re you going to wet your tongue?
    They don’t make good stuff no more, Maggie,
    Since you and I were young.

    From the play “The thrilling narrative of Edgell, Pearson, Gatwood and Savage: who were rescued, after having been buried alive seven hundred feet under ground, for fourteen days and thirteen hours without food. In the Blue Rock coal mines”

    By Robert H. Gilmore


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