Jack Robinson

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  1. ND Anthony:

    Interesting theories, all – but how did we get from Jack Robinson being someone who came and went quickly to “quick as you can say Jack Robinson”? Is it simply that we’re positing that our friend Jack was gone so quickly that he could barely be introduced? Or is there more to this etymology?

  2. brandon shreve:

    To ND Anthony:
    The focal point is not saying the phrase, but the length of time it takes in saying it; consequently, the task can be completed in 1.2 seconds. “A New York minute.” In a “Finstant.” It is all about brevity.

  3. sNiPel2:

    I Just watched a movie called 42 which was about the first black man to play professional baseball. He was a fast man running from base to base. I was wondering if this saying could have come from this man?

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