Do we need this new sense of “trending”? Not really, but, given the popularity of “trendy” as an index of value in our consumer culture, it was probably inevitable.

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  1. Dude:

    Trending is horrible word I first heard on every news channel for the first time about 9 months ago. It’s just another lame word made up by the Facebook/twitter losers when there was no need for it. It’s for people that can’t form a freaking sentence and those that pander to them. I’ve been disgusted by this (and people that post without punctuation or with all initial word caps) for a long time. Conversated ain’t no nothing word neither.

  2. John:

    I couldn’t agree MORE with Dude! I can’t decide which is WORSE…. the sound of fingernails on a chalk-board of hearing the news announcers types use the word “trending”

  3. Dick:

    Agree with Dude and John.
    Isn’t news either news or not? How does it trend? Local news casters used the abominable word trending six times in 90 seconds as lead-ins to what is really happening. I am trending to get impatience.

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