Thick as thieves / Pearls before swine

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  1. Holger:

    … and I just _have_ to mention the wonderful comic strip series “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephan Pastis:

  2. Ben Wrankle:

    Or the joke about two people bowing each other out of the room. A asks B to go first, saying, “Age before beauty.” B does indeed go first and says, “Pearls before swine”!

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    […] Glave).  The two quickly become as thick as thieves (wait, WHAT THE FRUSH DOES THICK AS THIEVES MEAN????), and they have fun and run around the moors and is never boorsed.  But he’s black, […]

  4. kate:

    ‘Pearls before swine’ comes from New Testament: Matthew: 7:6.

  5. Josef Kasperovich:

    In response to:
    “Incidentally, does anyone else remember a group called Pearls Before Swine, a US psychedelic band back in the late 1960s? I used to hear them on the old WNEW-FM, the flagship of free-form FM radio in New York City. Scott Muni, Rosko, and Alison Steele, the Night Bird! Those were the days.”

    Those WERE the days! What great programming! Many a late night / early morning listening. Can’t find anything like that now, sadly. Thanks for the memories! (Another tune…)

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