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  1. Phrases on Fridays: Are You Drunk, Schnookered, Plastered, Sauced, Hammered, Inebriated or Wasted? | The Procrastiwriter:

    […] a bird, you might have accidentally loaded your shotgun with buckshot. Word Detective adds that the first appearance of plastered as a synonym for very drunk appeared in print in 1902, […]

  2. clare:

    Well I work for a brewery in Burton On Trent and in 1870, Burton was the biggest brewing complex in the world-it was renowned for its water which ran over gypsum beds. Gypsum is found in plaster but the water was used in the brewing industry-hence the saying I got plastered!

  3. Dot:

    I was told during a visit to a historical building that plasterers in the 17 and 1800s used stale beer ( the main form of beverage as water was insanitary) to ‘stick’ plaster artwork to ceilings. Unfortunately, they drank it as well and we’re ‘plastered’ as in drunk by the end of the day and put said artwork up wonky sometimes. Certainly true in the country home we were in.I will leave it there!

  4. Jonno:

    While researching my family on I found a distant relative in Wales, William Parry (1832-1901), whose occupation in 1861 was recorded as “Tiler and Plasterer”. In 1871 he was running the Castle Madoc Arms in Brecon, Wales and his occupation was recorded as “Plasterer and Publican”. I wonder if………

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