Coast is clear

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  1. Trevor Simmons:

    While I find this informative, I wholeheartedly disagree with the final conclusion. The phrase used in Spanish to mean “the coast is clear” is “no hay Moros en la costa”. This means “there are no Moors on the coast”. Looking back to the time when the Moors took control of Spain, this clearly refers to the nautical meaning of coast. It is even likely that this phrase may have grown from this specific period of time, being used by the Spanish to determine whether or not they could land on shore safely.

  2. Tom Potter:

    Either definition- rolling along with no effort or some sort of shore line- the term coast evokes warm fuzzies for a certain segment of the people…. And heck, if the coast is clear, why not go for it?

  3. Leland Steve Davies:

    Business.. or any type of confrontation over.. we can now move on with our peaceful plans. Or… unless or until someone (usually a lawyer or a policeman or ones parents) dictates we can now get back to what we had in mind. Like a still body of water (puddle: Pond or Sea) when disturbed by a pebble; boulder or storm… after the affects of those events are over… because of the wonderful aspects of gravity and the curvature of the earth things are back to normal.. and the coast is clear.. or the slate is clean.

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