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  1. Bruce Sanders:

    Could the german words buntes which means colorful, Be involved in this word evolution at all. Since bunting seems to ne intended to be brightly colorful and man be involved in the Germanic roots of english…

  2. Janice Brown Morgan:

    I recently viewed a video about cats which referred to a behavior called bunting, where a cat bumps or rubs their head against their human as a form of affection.

  3. Sean:

    Since Bunte means brightly coloured in German, I had assumed this was the origin?

  4. ZACL:

    We have had the same conversation about Bunt= Colourful in German and the Bunting which relates to sails, particularly the Chinese boat sails.

    There are other meanings of Bunt:
    1.A disease of wheat caused by the fungus Tilletia Caries. 18th Century.
    2.A push with the head or horns. Baseball term, already mentioned; the act of Bunting 19th century synonymous with Butt.

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