Blue Plate Special

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  1. David Fickett-Wilbar:

    A minor correction. There’s no middle “e” in “Wedgwood.” My wife collects it, so I always notice this very common mistake.

  2. Ben Sisson:

    My mother in her late 80’s informed me that when she was a young girl her father, would travel from New York to east coast destinations by train, and would have a dinner on the train which was served on a blue plate commemorating the railroad fleet trains, I have attached a picture of one of these plates my mother has had since childhood , although I am not sure it has actually attend to this reply form.

    The plate is a blue print with eight of the fleet engines named and pictured in the circumferential border of the plate, the a picturesque train on a bridge crossing scene in the center.

    The customers were invited to keep these plates as a gift from to railroad which must have been in the early 1930’s.


  3. Anonymous:

    The weatherman this evening said Saturday will be a blue plate special. The weather will be warm with clear skies.
    It just doesn’t make any sense. This is Tennessee though.

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