October 2011 Issue

So by the time I finally figured out what was going on, they classified me as having “primary progressive ms,” which is not treatable by drugs and just gets steadily worse, which it has. But I’m still walking, albeit usually with a cane, and writing these columns, albeit much more slowly than I used to. The problem is that I now have trouble just keeping up with this column, so outside projects, on which I have always depended for income, have become impossible. Just in the past year I have had to beg off participating in two TV productions because of this stupid disease.

I have been lucky enough to have readers who have contributed to our survival by subscribing to TWD-by-email. So if you can possibly swing $15 for a year’s subscription, I’d be much obliged.

Update: Our only vehicle is a 1997 Toyota (which we bought used). We recently took it in for an oil change and to get some funny noises checked out, and discovered that the power steering was kaput, some gaskets in the engine were leaking pots of oil, the parking brake was frozen and non-functional, and the timing and other belts were shot. Gee, I guess something in that list explains the burning smell. Anyway, this news precipitated a mad and mortifying scramble to borrow enough money to fix all these things, and ended up eating up a large chunk of our tiny reserves. So your support (i.e., by subscribing) would be deeply appreciated.

And now, on with the show….

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  1. Theo Mamalis:

    I do not have a question. Merely a small statement. I feel sorry for people like yourself, blessed with so much talent yet having rotten luck wherever life takes them. I dont have very much money at all, but if I should win a large sum, without hesitation you are on my “Give Money” list. In the meantime your site is bookmarked till I can afford the subscription. I will also put out the word for your site wherever I should visit. Keep up the great work if you can. Ill be looking forward to giving what I can. Stay brave, and may your talents never tire

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