If it were possible to legislate language, I’d actually vote to make “enormity” mean only “great evil.” I understand the urge to reserve one truly powerful word to describe nothing but monstrous crimes. But it isn’t possible. Although most usage guides of the “watch your language” school continue to insist on the “great evil” definition of “enormity” as the only acceptable use, it’s apparent that the prohibition against “enormity” meaning “immensity” is fading fast in popular usage. Even some notable language mavens, the late William Safire among them, threw in the towel on the question years ago. The practical problem, however, is that the world is full of people who still cling to the “rule” about “enormity,” many of whom occupy positions of power and may look askance at a reference to the “enormity” of your email inbox. So in venues where usage “traditionalists” may be lurking (job interviews, the comments section on the New York Times website, etc.), it’s probably best to stick to something a bit less controversial. I’d go with “ginormousness.”

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