Catch 22

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  1. Tim LaDuca:

    Thank you. I love your writing. You are very gifted.

  2. glen Peterman:

    I agree, recently subsribed because I found the writing style is so entertaining. Looking forward to and answer to my question.

  3. Bob Ide:

    Just saw Catch 22 in action at the office. A group couldn’t plan a project because they didn’t have a budget to cover the planning work… and they couldn’t get a budget without a project plan. I suppose they solved it… somehow…

  4. Aidian Holder:

    “Like turning on the TV to find out why the power’s off”

    Funny… in a TV newsroom once, the desk guy reported news of a power outage affecting much of the west side of town… at which point the news director (the boss, who should know better) said “Let’s run a crawl (text across the bottom of the screen) to let people know.” To his credit, he realized how that sounded even before I started laughing at him…

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