September 2011 Issue

Still, a B&N is better than no bookstore at all, and I’d be very upset if the chain folded. The closest B&N to us is in Pickerington and pretty near worthless unless you’re jonesing for a blueberry scone. Books, not so much, since the shelves are stuffed with “inspirational” drivel, home schooling supplies, and the vomitous voluminous wit and wisdom of Glenn Beck. The staff is mostly harmless, but there a couple of remarkably nasty jerks working there. The store at Easton on the east side of Columbus is better, but that’s a 60-mile round trip, which is a long way to go for a third-rate bookstore. But again, any B&N is better than no bookstore.

Um, what else. Oh yeah, please subscribe.

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  1. Topi:

    I’ve been stateside only few times, but I vividly remember my first visit to a bookshop in US in a mall near Orlando.

    I went to the children and youth section and asked about Edgar Rice Burroughs books, him being an american writer and his books were scarse in english bookshops. The young lady who served me didn’t even know whom I was talking about. Sic transit gloria mudi.

  2. Danny:

    I bought From Altoids to Zima from Amazon, I think. Have you ever been to Powell’s City of Books?

  3. Alex:

    After reading your trashing of the nook and kindle, I was fascinated to see that the ad robot has inserted adverts for… you guessed it – the nook and kindle. Oh the irony :-)

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