Asea / At sea

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  1. Robby:

    a google search for ” a seven-letter word meaning “Himalayan gem.” takes one to this very page

  2. David:

    I must be adrift in a sea of too many crosswords.

    I just caught myself trying to use “asea” in an email to a friend who’s on a cruise. When spellcheck called me out on it, I went straight for my OED. Not finding it of course, a Google search led me here.

    I’m sure glad for the explanation, but I’ve really got to cut down on the crosswords.

  3. Morgan:

    This was post was in 2011 and it’s 2015 now, but I’ll share anyways: Lanford Wilson’s short farce “Ikke, Ikke, Nye, Nye, Nye” uses the word “asea”!

    GRAHAM. (Puzzled.) Hot line? Did you say Hot line? (Excited.) Hot line. Hot line!
    EDITH. Lime. Lime.
    GRAHAM. (Working into a frenzy.) Hot line.
    EDITH. The fruit. The fruit.
    GRAHAM. (Asea.) Fruit?
    EDITH. Citrus.
    GRAHAM. (Frustrated.) Fruit? Edith, what are you talking about?

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