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  1. Fun Word of the Day: Stonking | Cryptic Philosopher:

    […] second I saw this word, I knew it had to be British. Sure enough, it is: ["Stonking"] been popular slang in the UK for many years, and enjoyed a certain vogue there in the […]

  2. Ed Groves:

    I have an idea that the word “stonking” was my own invention. In the early 1980s, at South Bank, I used to play some strange games with friends, one of which I named “Stonker Tennis” a variant of Tiddly-Winks involving an improvised “net”. “That’s a stonker” we cried – never having heard the word!

  3. Jessie Bauchope Young:

    LOL! I’ve been stonking since the fifties! It has mulitple meanings. and I suspect it ids Scotish in origin!

  4. Jessie Bauchope Young:

    I’ve been stonking since the fifities.

  5. PulSe:

    Hmmm… my heart tells me that the cry when ‘taking the pot!’ (see 1825 version) lead to the WWI ‘decimating’ usage. Seems about right – 4 generations for a child’s disparaging hoot meaning ‘suckers – took it all! the pot! – “stonk!” leading to ‘decimated the lot’.

    Just my guts memory whispering.

    (regarding ‘Boffin’ – the first image I conjure… the studios prim bird leading to the ‘egghead’ modern variant seems pretty straightforward.)

  6. PulSe:

    yes… studious (spellcheck!)

  7. Gardgydja:

    It could come from old norse. There’s a Swedish word ‘stÃ¥nk’ which is pronounced ‘stonk’ and means a pot or jug.

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