June 2011 Issue

Oh well, here comes July. I’d be amazed if we weren’t overrun by zebras and wildebeest by August at this rate. A family of raccoons has taken up residence in the upstairs of the pole barn we use for a garage, and they’ve produced two babies, which are, dare I say it, even cuter than kittens. I sneak Momma Raccoon dry dog food every so often. (And yes, I know not to get very close to them.)

Thanks, as usual, to all the wonderful folks who subscribed or contributed last month. You light up my life, by which I mean, of course, that you pay the electric bill. And buy food for the baby raccoons. And for the cats and dogs. And for us.

Hey, I just noticed that we’re nearing 1,000 Facebook “likes” on our TWD Facebook page! And not a single one of you is related to me! And I actually know only three or four of you personally! I’m not sure what that says about my friends and family, but hey, It’s Awesome!

Now, if I could just get every one of you lovely folks to send me ten bucks….

Lastly, please send in your questions!

And now, on with the show….

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  1. Richard Zak MD:

    Mr. Morris

    As an ophthalmologist, I enjoyed reading your column on “optics” this week. I also enjoyed reading your recent bit on our cultural aversion to correct spelling. So I feel obliged to mention the missing “h” in your rendition of “ophthalmology”. You’re certainly not alone, though. Googling the uncorrected version will reveal nearly 6 million hits – many from fellow ophthalmologists. To get around the entire issue, we often just refer to ourselves as “eye guys”.

  2. judy allen-rodgers:

    Where, why and how did we get the word: “nightmare”?

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