Friend / Fiend

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  1. The Holg:

    I love the idea of a “Fiend” button for Facebook. Let’s also add “Hate” buttons to web pages, that would be really useful!

  2. Topi Linkala:

    Youtube has likes & dislikes.

  3. KC:

    As I’m reading this entry, lyrics of California Love from Tupac runs through my head: Soon as I stepped on the scene I’m hearing hoochies screamin’ Fiending for money and alcohol.

  4. Richard:

    Well this was a long time ago!
    Anyway, I just found this, looking for the friend/fiend connection.

    What I noticed is that the english language has a lot of these matched antonyms, another one is dawn/dusk and I’ve seen a couple more I can’t remember right now. Do you know if that’s actually a thing? If I can find a list of these? I found them really really funny and poetic at the same time.

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