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  1. nonnymouse:

    I have found a “self development” group that uses the words:
    Pertubation=when you are bored to drowsiness, or become emotional due to being subjected to almost 48 hours of psychotherapy, strict control, and pseudo science babble, inflicted by unprofessional amateurs at a so called “seminar” that is supposed to transform your life in 48hrs.

    Equilibration=when you begin to cry,or as above, and the leaders of said seminar take you aside and convince you that all your memories of your childhood are “lopsided perceptions” and you got it all wrong and have to reverse your memories from the good to bad, and from the bad to good.

    Evolve= when you have been processed as above and have, according to the leader, moved to a higher spiritual plane and are now “vibrating at a higher frequency” and can not “de-evolve” ever, because you are now a “light bearer to mankind”.

    Charge=when you have a perception(corrected from the previous “lopsided ones you held)that you have a problem with someone in your life and you are then urged to choose one of the 50 or more people at the same seminar, to be the proxy for that person as you yell, cry,or whatever sort of emotional response you feel like displaying with them while they act the role of the offending party.

    Universal laws that govern humanity=(knowledge of) the leader claims to know these laws and is “educating” people so they will be enlightened and he does it out of “love” even if it means choosing a person at random from the group and subjecting them to personal villification and aggressive abuse till they give in to the leaders version of what is wrong with them.

    Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Physics=(knowledge of) the leader claims he is teaching the “universal laws that govern humanity” based on his superior knowledge of Q.M. and Q.P. but he has no formal qualifications in either science field?????

    Seems to me someone is perverting the english language and creating a lot of jargon that has a totally different meaning.

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