Chum / Chump

So I haven’t been able to find any historical sense of “chum” to mean anything close to “chump.” I’ll keep an eye out for the movie, and if I find it I promise to listen very, very closely to that scene. But for the time being I think we’ll have to assume that it’s that ancient soundtrack that transformed “chump” into something that sounds like “chum.”

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  1. WIX: Bats in the Belfry | julie rowan-zoch:

    […] This time of year brings out the crazies, and I look forward to getting older for just that reason – madness that can be dismissed with age! “She’s got bats in the belfry!” they’ll cry out as I skip by in my rain boots and bathing suit! In Germany one could say “Sie hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank.” She doesn’t have all her cups in the cupboard. In England or Australia you might hear “off her chump“. I get the meaning, but on its own ‘chump’ means an ‘idiot’ or ‘fool’. So, to follow my sidetracked mind, I swooped around the internet and found and extracted this from The Word Detective: […]

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