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  1. Topi Linkala:

    I always thought that it was double-agents that double-cross.

  2. David Leonard:

    I believe that , in order to find the true origin of the expression “double-cross” one need look no further than the old expression “cross my heart”,as in “cross my heart and hope to die”, to indicate that the person is telling the truth. Perhaps to “cross one’s heart” twice (secretly)lets one off the hook. I remember as a child, when purposely telling a lie, the practice of holding both hands behind my back with fingers 3 and 4 of each hand crossed, apparently thus avoiding consequent death or other punishment for the lie. Just a thought

  3. Byron:

    In the late1600′s buccaneer Henry Morgan
    Was awarded the Knight of the Double Cross.
    Even though it was well known that after
    Beating some Spainards out of their loot
    In Panama, he left most of his men
    Stranded on the beach so as not to
    Have to share.

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