Woot (W00T)

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  1. Lucy:

    Dear Sirs,

    If I make no mistake, the focus of the word can help. You look at the center of the word and in the kernel of the social group which use it. While the center of the Woot is the same as of the Whoopie, then one may relax with a new word as if with an acquaintance.
    My example is the word SCHWA. It looks like a kettle my mother presented to the father. As far as I can see, the “schwa” kettle looks as if in the middle of the Chambermaid which converted his room into a candies store, however without changing some acrimony. We live in Russia.
    When I see a new parcel of candies, what I am going to exclaim should contain the schwa at the center, not “U”. I do not know the word and murmur my thanks making Russian words into some bags of shwas. Like a Jew here do.

  2. Lucy:

    To the previous comment I would like to add as follows:

    The SCHWA kettle evidently led to the bourgeouisie, with an open position for the very last bourgeouis. ZHWA for the bourgeouise. It’s a sort of lexical BLUETOOTH, whether you munch sweets or not.


  3. Topi Linkala:

    The elite hackers were never known as leet, they were gurus or wizards.

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