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  1. SampleAndy:

    So the thing with the condiments in the middle of the dining room table and mini elevator used to bring foods up from the kitchen to the dining room are called the same thing? (except for the possibility of a hyphen of course) Evan, are they ever going to come up with a revision of English that makes sense? Do you know anything about Esperanto? (sigh)

  2. David:

    Like your analogies. Dolly is a very American term I believe as my time in Australia and NZ no one knew what I meant when I said ‘dolly’. Hand Truck seemed to work most times.

    I am now in a French colonial country and they don’t recognise ‘dolly’ either, so most likely not a continental term.

    As far the lifting by servants, that makes perfect sense to me… for what ever that is worth.

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