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  1. George Reynolds:

    Just to confirm that school children were using the term cooties before 1967: I can remember the word from the 4th grade in 1955.

  2. aleksandar:

    To confirm, the Tagalog word “kuto” means louse

  3. Topi Linkala:

    How todays anti-microbial wipes are marketed we are getting into the bizzare situation where our toilets are cleaner than our kitchens.

  4. MarkB:

    Cootie Williams played trumpet in the Duke Ellington band, and later led his own band. He was born in 1911. Wikipedia sez:

    “According to Williams he got his nickname when, as a boy, his father took him to a band concert. When it was over his father asked him what he’d heard and the lad replied “Cootie,cootie, cootie”

    Somehow I doubt that self-reported story.

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