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  1. Topi Linkala:

    In Finnish we have ‘punkka’ meaning a bed, like you say, in a train, a ship, a logging cabin or some such usually arranged in tiers or temporarily made.

    We also have ‘punkkeri’ for a heavily enforced underground fortification.

  2. Lee Spann:

    I have a friend whose nickname is Bunk. His mother reported that when his first cousins were small (before Bunk was born) they couldn’t say “Uncle” or “Unc” and they ended up calling Bunk’s Dad “Bunk.” These little guys were the only ones who ever called him “Bunk.” When my friend was born, his parents named him after his father but decided to call him “Bunk” rather than “Junior” or “little Milt.” This term of affection has remained with him throughout his life.

  3. Jada:

    This does not help me at all.

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