Out of the woods/woodwork

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  1. Mark Klein:

    I recently heard a similar mis-quote of this common phrase on a conference call with work. Our project has had considerable trouble yielding the required results; senior leadership has gotten involved to get the team into shape. We recently had preliminary good news, and one of the team members said, “We’re not out of the woodshed yet.” Clearly, the team members felt they had been “taken to the woodshed” for their poor perfomance, and that the preliminary results didn’t mean “we were out of the woods yet.” This is now my new favorite saying; mix-up in the subconscience mind to come up with a real truth: “We’re not out of the woodshed yet!”

  2. Mike:

    “It crawled out of the woodwork” was the title of an original outer limits episode that aired december 9, 1963…

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