Capitulate / Recapitulate

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  1. laura:

    I enjoy your work. Thanks

  2. David H. Hendon:

    Your discussion of “recapitulate” with “re-” signifying either “again” or “back”, raised a question in my mind. Your examples of “renegotiating” and “refoliating” suggesting the latter idea of suggesting “back” in the sense of changing the state of a condition flummoxed me. I may have a contract that expires. Although, strictly speaking, renegotiating the contract may change the condition of the expired contract, it certainly carries the connotation of reaccomplishing the contract, i.e., doing it again,very possibly with the same terms.
    I can’t help but wonder if the idea or “re-” meaning “back” is not more revealed in words like “reply”, “return”, “respond”, “restore”, “repair” or even “reveal”. They all seem to have far more the sense of “back” than “again”. “Return’s” meaning requires a “turning back”, if not along the same path, at least a reversal of direction.
    You’re the expert, but I wanted to raise the issue.

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