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  1. conner:

    Uh oh, are they abolishing the bar car?? I have many fond memories of smoking cigs and swiggin back beers on the GCT to Mamaroneck route as a young ‘un

    ah, suburban culture. gotta love it!

  2. Marcus:

    There was also the distinction in a British pub that the Saloon Bar was considered to be for the ladies, to protect their delicate ears from any rough and ribald conversation that may have been going on in the (male dominated) Public Bar.
    The fact that the publican’s side of the bar often stretched across both rooms, offering no barrier whatsoever to sound transmission, seems not to have unduly worried either side.

  3. Tom:

    An extremely verbose, but entertaining explanation, I had been quite curious as to why such a fancy name for a mid range auto. Probably in the same vein as life in prison to the brits can mean 5 years and out in 3, while in American it means you leave in a box.

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